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title. ImPossible (Formerly 100)

status. In Development

written by. Brandon Lewis, Seckeita Lewis

executive producer. Donald Driver


supported by


Meet Brandon, once a kid with big dreams to become a police officer just like his long-lost hero, Officer Kevin Thompson. But now, those dreams are just a memory as he's overweight and working a sedentary desk job with no future. Down on his luck, Brandon spends most nights binging to cope with his depression. It seems life can’t get any worse when his physician, tells him he has Type 2 Diabetes and must lose weight. Brandon can’t turn to his mother, Angela, whose diabetes is out of control.  Fortunately, Brandon befriends a newly hired fast food worker, Margaret, a lonesome widow who becomes determined to help him find life outside of the greasy bag.


With the help of Margaret, Brandon’s desire to be a police officer is rekindled and he believes he can do anything. But after a few setbacks, he finds himself going back to the comfort of food. Brandon must make a choice. Will he continue to eat his way into an early grave? Be content with taking his daily cocktail of meds to survive? Or can he really transform his entire life? Brandon goes on a remarkable journey to prove he’s worth it, conquer his demons, and capture his elusive dreams. 


ImPossible is inspired by the real life Diabetes diagnosis of the co-writer and actor. This silent killer is an epidemic affecting over 100M people with little discussion. Brandon will live out this vulnerable process and dramatic natural 100 pound weight loss goal on-screen to inspire, educate and motivate others to take this journey with him, because we are all worth it!



ImPossible is currently in development and has been selected for fiscal sponsorship from the Film Collaborative!  That means you can make a tax deductible donation to our project today!! 


ImPossible is also open for investment opportunities. Please contact us for more information.

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